Mihail Bokij and Mila Kovaleva split
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Mihail Bokij and Mila Kovaleva split

Paskelbė trečiadienis, 26 Bal 2017, 13:48 : admin
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After 1.5 years of dancing together Mihail Bokij and Mila Kovaleva decided to terminate their partnership. Mihail and Mila represented Ukraine. In Junior 1 their best recent best results were: 6th place International Championship 2016, 3d place Assen 2016, 2d place World Championship Paris 2016, 4th place Blackpool 2017, 3d place European Championship 2017. See more results.

Mihail Bokij (170cm, 2003, Junior 1) is looking for a dance partner to continue his career.

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