Volodymyr Sharapov and Natalia Glebocka split
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Volodymyr Sharapov and Natalia Glebocka split

Paskelbė ketvirtadienis, 30 Lap 2017, 23:48 : admin
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After a year of dancing together the Polish Amateur Latin vice-champions, Volodymyr Sharapov and Natalia Glebocka, decided to split up. Their best results included semi-finals of the Amateur Rising Star Latin at the UK Open 2017. See more results.

They would like to thank their coaches and people who influenced their dancing: Jarek and Dominika Marzec, Melia and Sergey, Michał Malitowski, Carolyn Smith, Ruud Vermeij. Big "thank you" goes to their family for the huge support they received during their partnership.

Both are now looking for new dance partners.

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