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Naujienos (lapkritis 2022)

Patrick Rucinski and Tatyana Veselkina split

Paskelbė sekmadienis, 27 Lap 2022, 10:49 : admin | 0 komentarų
Perskaitė 12 941

After 8 years of dancing together, Patrick Rucinski and Tatyana Veselkina decided to terminate their partnership. They represented Canada in Professional Standard and were the Canadian Closed Pro champions. Tatiana decided to retire and close that chapter in her life while Patrick is currently looking for a new partner to continue competing ...

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Roza and Tomasz Kucharczyk split

Paskelbė antradienis, 22 Lap 2022, 23:23 : admin | 0 komentarų
Perskaitė 10 225

Roza and Tomasz Kucharczyk terminated their partnership after 14 years of dancing together. They represented Poland. They were 2 times WDSF World Champions & 3 times Vice-Champions in the Senior II 10 Dance category, multiple finalists of World Championships, and 50 times Polish Champions in Senior I and II categories. They leave as unde...

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Manuel Longhitano and Moira Lorenzon split

Paskelbė ketvirtadienis, 10 Lap 2022, 20:55 : ADMIN | 0 komentarų
Perskaitė 10 178

Manuel Longhitano and Moira Lorenzon terminated their partnership after 10 years of dancing together. They represented Italy. It was a difficult decision and they have decided to go separate ways, but they will continue to teach and grow their business together. Their most important result is getting to the final of The All Europea...

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