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Naujienos (lapkritis 2017)

Alex Gunnarsson and Anna Trenzeleva split

Paskelbė antradienis, 21 Lap 2017, 22:22 : admin | 0 komentarų
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After one successful year dancing together Alex Gunnarsson and Anna Trenzeleva, representing Iceland, have decided to end their partnership. They reached all major semifinals being placed 7th at United Kingdom Open Championships. They were 3rd at the European and National Champions of Iceland. See more results. They would like to thank ...

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Jerzy Borowski and Lina Liljenberg split

Paskelbė šeštadienis, 18 Lap 2017, 21:05 : admin | 0 komentarų
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We would like to announce that after 1.5 years of dancing together Jerzy Borowski and Lina Liljenberg decided to terminate their partnership. They were Swedish Amateur Ballroom champions. See more results. They wrote: We would like to thank first of all each other for all time we spent together! And of course to all of you who followed ...

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Earle Williamson and Liana Bakhtiarova split

Paskelbė trečiadienis, 08 Lap 2017, 22:38 : admin | 0 komentarų
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After a short 5 months of dancing together Earle Williamson and Liana Bakhtiarova came to a mutual decision to end their dancing partnership. They represented USA and competed in Professional Ballroom. They were US National Professional Rising Star Ballroom vice-champions. See more results. They would like to thank their team of teachers an...

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