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Naujienos (sausis 2019)

UK Open 2019 - Amateur Ballroom and Professional Latin

Posted yesterday, 23:22 by admin | 0 komentarų
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Thursday was the last night at the UK Open. The first lineup announced was Amateur Ballroom and, as customary, the results were called in reverse order. The third place went to Igor Reznik and Mariya Polischuk from Ukraine. Kyle Taylor and Izabela Skierska who represent England were runners-up, being placed 2nd in four dances. Great result for...

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UK Open 2019 - Amateur Latin and Professional Ballroom

Posted yesterday, 00:35 by admin | 0 komentarų
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Wednesday night at the UK Open finished with two beautifully danced finals. The first one was Amateur Latin and results were announced in reverse order. The third place, just as last year went to Damir Haluzan and Anna Mashchyts from Slovenia. The second place went to the last years winners Klemen Prasnikar and Alexandra Averkieva from Sloveni...

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Rising Stars day at the UK Open 2019

Paskelbė trečiadienis, 16 Sau 2019, 02:00 : admin | 0 komentarų
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The UK Open 2019 Championships started in the early morning on Tuesday so all the finalists tonight were on the dance floor for the whole long day. The first, very sparkly, lineup tonight was Amateur Rising Star Latin and the winners were Aimadi Zhang and Jia Hao Yue from China, who also won this event last year in Blackpool, followed by Mikha...

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Ivan Mulyavka and Karin Rooba got married

Paskelbė sekmadienis, 06 Sau 2019, 23:00 : admin | 0 komentarų
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We are happy to inform that Ivan Mulyavka and Karin Rooba got married on the 24th November, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Ivan and Karin represent USA in Professional Latin. In 2017 they were 6th at the national championships. They compete in USA and also are regular competitors in England, dancing Blackpool, UK Open and the International. See their ...

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Scott Nicholson and Alina Odintsova got married

Paskelbė penktadienis, 04 Sau 2019, 19:00 : admin | 0 komentarų
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We would like to announce that Scott Nicholson and Alina Odintsova from the United States got married on December 30, 2018. Scott and Alina started dancing together in October 2018. They will continue their competitive career in WDC Amateur Latin division. See their profile page. Alina originally comes from Russia. With former partner Nathan...

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